Energy Service

With the current focus on clean energy, Sammya is working towards enhancing the upstream sector while working with extraction companies in exploration and serving as the Missing-link by enhancing the supply of Natural Gas to the processing company that engages in liquefaction.

Access to energy has often been defined as the missing “MILLENIUM DEVELOPMENT GOAL” given its extreme significance for the socio-economic development, the process of defining the Sustainable Development Goals.

SAMMYA supports for this goal have made it ventured into a cleaner form of energy. We render service to the Gas industry in Nigeria and Equatorial Guinea. We are helping the world to be cleaner by venturing into an energy sector that has less CO2 emission.

Sammya Gas Limited mission is to gather and process 2BCF/D of gas from the South Eastern Franchise of the Nigerian Gas Masterplan.

We intend to acquire and develop Gas resources in Nigeria
•    20TCF over 5 years
•    Gas Gathering Pipelines
•    Gas Central Processing Facilities
•    2bcf/day by 2020
•    Petrochemical Plant in Nigeria
•    900 MW Power plant
•    Gas to Liquid Plant
•    Export 1bcf/day of Natural Gas to EGLNG