With a steadily rising global population, associated demographic shifts, and the environmental impacts of resource consumption increasing exponentially, existing infrastructure is being pushed to its very limits. There is now a greater demand than ever before for new and replacement infrastructure to meet the growing needs of industrialised and developing nations.
Sammya engages in the provision of Engineering Infrastructure; we offer a full range of specialist engineering and Construction services. With a leading presence in several states in Nigeria, our core strength lies in our ability to mobilise our extensive resources to manage project across the country.

Our highly-skilled workforce ensures projects stay on the critical path to completion avoiding costly delays and over-runs.  We manage infrastructure projects with a proven track record of delivering in challenging environments.

Our teams understand the complexities of the different contracting models including PPP and Contractor Financing. With an increasing focus on providing infrastructure that is delivered to a higher quality, faster and at less cost, we provide innovative processes and procedures to streamline and enhance construction projects through

Integral to our success is our commitment to open and collaborative partnerships, through strategic alliances and joint ventures. Our strong and enduring relationships with international consultancy firms, plants, equipment manufacturers and technology partners ensure the most efficient project solutions are delivered safely and sustainably.

The strength of Sammya Nigeria Limited is our access to funding both within and outside Nigeria; we can provide project finance up to the tune of 200 Billion Naira. We have credit lines from banks, Insurance, Pension Funds, Bond Market and equipment manufacturers. We engage in various contracts financing models like Contractor Finance and Public Private Partnership.