Every organisation, no matter what it does, has an effect on the world around it. Being a responsible business means being honest about the consequences of our activities – minimising the negative impacts and maximising the positive opportunities.

Over much of the past decade, environmental concerns have helped shed light on the importance of developing and utilizing sustainable materials during the construction of Roads, Bridges, Buildings and Structures. Sammya is committed to living and acting sustainably. We take reasonable measures to protect the Environment; we have optimized our operations to minimize environmental impact and improve social impact in a way that also maximize performance.

We procure mainly new equipment with low carbon emission and use materials that are re-useable and friendly to our planet. It is our firm belief that successful entrepreneurial activities are inseparably bound to the principle of sustainability. We feel the responsibility to leave the planet to future generation in a better shape than we were given it.

We work hard to reflect this commitment in as many ways as we can:
• Promoting best practices in sustainable construction
• Continuously working to improve energy efficiency in the production and transportation of materials
• Ensuring durability, especially in projects where product failure could impact the environment
• Adopting impact rating systems to set new benchmarks
• Continually investing in new technologies
• Finding innovative ways to take recycling and product life cycles to new limits